Vertical Red Carpet by D&K Photography

Started scrounging the pantry for cheap stuff to eat, and hooray for finding what should be enough rice and beans to hold me out for the week.

Now comes the question of what to season it all with! I have quite a bit of seasonings (mmm, cumin) so I should be able to come up with something. I almost have enough to make garam masala. Almost. Might go in that direction!

You know I thought that I was going to get medical coverage soon and then I remembered: You have to have an ID first. Getting an ID requires that you have a Permanent Residency card. Guess what I still haven’t received?

Was on the phone filing a report with Canada Post cause this isn’t the first time my mail has gone missing. Monday I fax in a form stating I haven’t received my card and cross my fingers it comes in fast.

Kape Kiwanda by Michael Breitung


Evening light on the lavender (by Justine Gordon)

Star Shores by Adrian Klein

"Wordlessly, they endure the elements. Wordlessly, they bloom. Wordlessly, they corrupt.”


Fog Lights by North Sky Photography


Jasper National Park | Canada