Camera Noob Alert!

So a several years ago I was completely into the BJD hobby. Still am really, I have some of my dolls. Anyway. My parents saw how much I loved photography, especially of my dolls so they got me a DSLR. I really tried to do what I could, learning basics and all…

… and today when I went to take pictures of husband’s war gaming miniatures to sell it was apparent that I completely and utterly forgot everything I learned. I re-noobed myself.

The photos are good enough for sales pics, don’t get me wrong, but I’m supposed to be taking exceptionally clear pics with this thing. Part of it could be I don’t have the proper lens, but I think it’s way more user error.

Aaahhhh I need to correct this because I HAVE SHAMED MYSELF! SHAAAAAME!

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Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, 2014 | by Jojo

So my husband and I had a court wedding more or less. We were broke and didn’t want to wait years and years especially with immigration on the table.

We wanted to do our own thing later on but I’m at the point where I’m not really in control of my life anymore, and his family gets SOOOOO fucking excited over us having a South Asian wedding I’m thinking what the hell and just do it since they REALLY want to see that? Especially when they talk about the sheer amount of gifts (read: money) that gets thrown at you which I’m not going to lie would put much needed financial stability into our lives like putting a down payment on a condo and such.

Part of me would feel honestly excited about it, being invited into such a cultural experience. I mean the whole community would be there for the event. The other part of me has a lot of questions. Just what would the family want to do? I know the MIL and her sister have talked about this before and they would just DIE of excitement to see me dressed as a traditional South Asian bride even with me being mayo whitey as hell. I think it’s a kind of “YAY SHE’S TOTALLY PART OF THE FAMILY NOW!”

As far as the ceremony goes though, neither husband nor I are Hindu. Would they do a blend of Western and South Asian ceremonies? How would that all be done? All I understand fully is that the family is really in charge of things.

It’s a lot to think about doing at once but I guess we can just put the green light on things and see what happens?


Autumn Sunset, Callander, Scotland

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There’s something to be said about our pets. Still in a mess mentally I had to take a Xanax today which led me to have a well-needed nap. When I finally woke up, Naiya was at my feet and Isabella who usually hangs out around my pillow was cuddled right next to my stomach (I was on my side) She never does that.

Things may be completely shitty right now but at least I have my kitty buddies.

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Heh. I posted on how I stress-eat garbage food last night, and today my body had a total revolt. I’ll be okay I think but damn. Sipping on water the rest of tonight and hopefully I can eat mild, bland foods tomorrow (with lots more water) and be back to my version of ‘normal’.



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Don’t ever hesitate. Reblog this. TUMBLR RULE. When you see it, REBLOG IT.

The original post only has US helplines. Added UK helplines underneath. Canada helplines also added. It would be great if people could add numbers from everywhere in the world.

US Helplines:

Depression Hotline: 1-630-482-9696
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-784-8433
LifeLine: 1-800-273-8255
Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386
Sexuality Support: 1-800-246-7743
Eating Disorders Hotline: 1-847-831-3438
Rape and Sexual Assault: 1-800-656-4673
Grief Support: 1-650-321-5272
Runaway: 1-800-843-5200, 1-800-843-5678, 1-800-621-4000
Exhale: After Abortion Hotline/Pro-Voice: 1-866-4394253
Child Abuse: 1-800-422-4453

Canadian Helplines:

Suicide and Crisis Hotline (Canada-wide): 1-800-448-3000
Drug & Alcohol Information Line (Canada-wide): 1-800-463-6273
Mental Health Crisis Line: 1-888-893-8333
Kids Help Phone (Ages 5-20): 1-800-668-6868
Suicide Crisis Line (British Columbia): 1-800-784-2433
Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Line (British Columbia): 1-877-392-7583 OR 604-255-6344
Mental Health Hotline (Ontario): 1-866-531-2600
Suicide & Distress Hotline (Toronto): (416) 408 4357
Assaulted Woman’s Hotline (Toronto): (416) 863-0511
Rape Crisis Centre (Toronto): (416) 597-8808

UK Helplines:

Samaritans (for any problem): 08457909090 e-mail

Childline (for anyone under 18 with any problem): 08001111

Mind infoline (mental health information): 0300 123 3393 e-mail:

Mind legal advice (for people who need mental-health related legal advice): 0300 466 6463

b-eat eating disorder support: 0845 634 14 14 (only open Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm and Saturday 1pm-4.30pm) e-mail:

b-eat youthline (for under 25’s with eating disorders): 08456347650 (open Mon-Fri 4.30pm - 8.30pm, Saturday 1pm-4.30pm)

Cruse Bereavement Care: 08444779400 e-mail:

Frank (information and advice on drugs): 0800776600

Drinkline: 0800 9178282

Rape Crisis England & Wales: 0808 802 9999 1(open 2 - 2.30pm 7 - 9.30pm) e-mail

Rape Crisis Scotland: 08088 01 03 02 every day, 6pm to midnight

India Hotlines:

India Self Harm Hotline: 00 08001006614

India Suicide Helpline: 022-27546669

Suicide Hotlines:

Argentina: 54-0223-493-0430

Australia: 13-11-14

Austria: 01-713-3374

Barbados: 429-9999

Belgium: 106

Botswana: 391-1270

Brazil: 21-233-9191

Canada: 1-800-448-3000

China: 852-2382-0000 
(Hong Kong: 2389-2222)

Costa Rica: 606-253-5439

Croatia: 01-4833-888

Cyprus: 357-77-77-72-67

Czech Republic: 222-580-697, 476-701-908

Denmark: 70-201-201

Egypt: 762-1602

Estonia: 6-558-088

Finland: 040-5032199

France: 01-45-39-4000

Germany: 0800-181-0721

Greece: 1018

Guatemala: 502-234-1239

Holland: 0900-0767

Honduras: 504-237-3623

Hungary: 06-80-820-111

Iceland: 44-0-8457-90-90-90

Israel: 09-8892333

Italy: 06-705-4444

Japan: 3-5286-9090

Latvia: 6722-2922, 2772-2292

Malaysia: 03-756-8144

(Singapore: 1-800-221-4444)

Mexico: 525-510-2550

Netherlands: 0900-0767

New Zealand: 4-473-9739

New Guinea: 675-326-0011

Nicaragua: 505-268-6171

Norway: 47-815-33-300

Philippines: 02-896-9191

Poland: 52-70-000

Portugal: 239-72-10-10

Russia: 8-20-222-82-10

Spain: 91-459-00-50

South Africa: 0861-322-322

South Korea: 2-715-8600

Sweden: 031-711-2400

Switzerland: 143

Taiwan: 0800-788-995

Thailand: 02-249-9977

Trinidad and Tobago: 868-645-2800

Ukraine: 0487-327715

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